Building Monitoring

Building Monitoring
Accolade provides building instrumentation and monitoring services, to evaluate the performance of safety critical structural elements of part or all of a building.

Buildings are often subject to external influences, sometimes not foreseen during their design. Construction work on an adjacent site, repair and refurbishment, a change in use, or environmental factors can all affect the performance of a building or parts of it.

Understanding these factors and their impacts (building movement including tilt, subsidence, vibration, deflection, crack width, sag and change in load, strain and stress etc.) helps identify associated risks and inform how they can be managed. Using equipment such as tilt sensors, strain gauges, LVDTs, total stations, lasers, tell tales, pressure transducers or a combination thereof, a monitoring system to suit site requirements can be designed. Information generated can then be used to guide follow on action as required.

We complete building monitoring projects using a dedicated team with a single project lead; it is important to us that work is completed to the highest standard and any queries you may have are addressed immediately.