Bridge Monitoring

Bridge movement monitoring
Accolade provides highly accurate instrumentation and monitoring systems for road, rail and pedestrian bridges, and viaducts.

With wide ranging and specialist knowledge and experience, working with some of the most respected clients and suppliers in the industry, we install and manage monitoring systems that provide highly accurate and timely information on structural behaviour.

Bridge monitoring can be used to identify early warning signs of failure, or in some situations to postpone or avoid unnecessary costly refurbishment. Instrumentation can be incorporated into the design and construction of a bridge for long term structural heath monitoring, or installed at a later stage to ascertain the effects of traffic, temperature, deterioration, or for monitoring during repair works such as bearing replacement.

Wireless sensor networks can be used and real time data and alerts transmitted via GSM, GPRS or 3G to any location, as required.

We work on bridges and viaducts of all construction types including box girder, truss, composite, post tensioned concrete, pre stressed concrete, and steel.