Structural Monitoring

Structural monitoring
Accolade provides instrumentation and monitoring services to measure structural movement of buildings, bridges, viaducts and other constructions, across the UK and overseas.

Designed into a structure at the outset for long term structural health monitoring, or used as a method to confirm structural integrity, monitoring provides information required for fact based decision making for safe use, and timely intervention if strengthening or repair is required.

Using simple manual solutions, or more complex remote structural monitoring systems suited to higher risk, larger scale or longer term projects, movement, strain, vibration or load can be measured and reported in a format to suit, and in real time if required.

As a UK based independent company we have access to best-in-class data logging, instrumentation and software products on the market. Our team of experienced engineers, project managers and technicians are trained to work on any site including, rail (PTS, LUCAS), at height, in confined space, and offshore. Projects can be managed end to end from system design through installation, setup and maintenance, to client training and handover, or decommissioning.