Floor and Slab Load Testing

Floor and slab load testing
Accolade Measurement has over 20 years’ expertise in delivering accurate and fast floor and slab load testing. With our extensive range of load application equipment, we can load test your structure anywhere from a few kilograms to hundreds of tonnes.

Floor load testing we provide

• Floor / mezzanine / roof slab load testing
• Multi-storey car park floor load testing
• Raised platform load testing
• Walkway load testing
• Pontoon load testing

Why have your floor load tested?

Floor load tests are often required to validate design calculations, extend the design service life of the structure or confirm the load capacity of the floor. Typical reasons why our clients require floor load testing:

• To extend the design service life of the structure
• Due to increased loading on a structure compared with original design
• Change of use of building
• To determine the load bearing capacity of the floor
• When no historical records of a building’s construction are available
• After a structural survey identifies a potential risk


Why choose Accolade Measurement?

Our extensive range of bespoke load testing equipment and test rigs allows us to provide an accurate and quick load testing service.

Being a small team of qualified civil, mechanical and computer engineers we are able to mobilise fast to ensure your floor load testing is completed as swiftly as possible. Testing and reporting is in strict accordance with ISO & ASTM International Standards and British Standards. Our test engineers use their extensive experience to ensure the testing and results we provide are relevant and reliable.

Our UKAS ISO 9001 certification ensures our services consistently meet our customer’s requirements, and that the quality of our work is consistently improving.

With over 20 years engineering experience Accolade Measurement has an exceptional record in providing floor load testing for the construction, infrastructure, transport, petrochemical, energy and retail sectors.

Our clients are often impressed by the speed of our work, our technical capabilities, our attention to detail, and how we always strive to do the right thing.

Previous floor load testing includes

• Multi-storey car park floor load testing – London Gatwick Airport
• Floor / mezzanine / roof slab load testing – Cambridge Guildhall
• Raised platform load testing – Hydraulic forklift dock leveller
• Walkway load testing – London Curzon Street balcony
• Pontoon load testing – London Canary Wharf