Proof Load Testing

Proof load testing
Accolade Measurement has over 20 years’ expertise in providing static and dynamic load testing of structures, mechanisms and components. Loads applied range from a few kilograms to hundreds of tonnes.

Proof load tests are often required to validate design calculations, demonstrate the quality of an installation or confirm the safety and suitability of a load bearing structure. The proof test load of a component or structure is made up of its maximum design service load multiplied by the proof factor, also known as the safety factor.

Proof load testing is often performed to prove the suitability of a prototype, ensure correct installation prior to entering service, to confirm whether the load bearing structure can withstand additional uses, or to verify whether the existing component is still fit for purpose.

Proof load tests must be conducted in accordance with the relevant International & British Standard or Code of Practice. Test observations and results must also be recorded and reported accordingly.

It is important that engineers doing the work have the right expertise and attitude to complete the work correctly and safely. This is of particular importance where the expected behaviour of the load bearing structure is uncertain, or testing is of a safety critical nature.

Why choose Accolade Measurement?

With over 20 years engineering experience Accolade Measurement has an exceptional record in providing proof load testing for the construction, infrastructure, transport, petrochemical, energy and retail sectors. Our clients are often impressed by the speed of our work, our technical capabilities, our attention to detail, and how we always strive to do the right thing.

We test anything from a small bracket designed to support a load of a few kNs to a large marine installation designed to take thousands. Depending on your project requirements we can apply load using calibrated steel and concrete test weights, hydraulic rams, rolling loads, or large water bags & tanks.

To ensure we provide you with the most meaning results from our proof load tests we offer the most appropriate instrumentation to monitor your load bearing structure during testing, whether its deflection, vibration or strain.

Being a small team of qualified civil, mechanical and computing engineers we are able to mobilise fast to ensure your proof load testing is completed as swiftly as possible. Testing and reporting is in strict accordance with the relevant ISO & ASTM International Standards and British Standards, which ensures we do work right first time.

Our UKAS ISO 9001 certification ensures our services consistently meet our customer’s requirements, and that the quality of our work is consistently improving.

Previous proof load testing includes

• Construction – Roof decking; scaffolding components; external cladding & glazing brackets; masonry cutting unit

• Infrastructure – Viaducts & bridges; CT scanning room floor; Substation switchroom components; wharf pontoon structure

• Transport – HGV transport cages; yacht trailer chassis; tram rail lifting system

• Petrochemical – LDPE plant components; semi-submersible offshore platform legs; offshore lifting components

• Energy – Prototype solar panel lifting mechanism; tunnel light fittings

• Retail – Automated shuttle device; dock leveller; tyre changing machine components