Geotechnical Monitoring

Geotechnical monitoring
Accolade provides geotechnical monitoring services in order to better understand and assess the effects of natural and man-made ground movements.

Monitoring the properties of earth and movements of structures below ground is as important as monitoring structures above ground. Monitoring the movement of the ground will assist in ensuring quality of ground work completed and safety on-site and the surrounding urban environment during the construction phase. Geotechnical monitoring is essential for predicting future ground movements which can improve the life span of the structure, reduce disturbance to the natural environment and contribute to post construction risk management.

Our access to the most up-to-date monitoring technology and techniques enables us to provide the most efficient, innovative and cost effective monitoring solutions possible during the consultation, design, installation and monitoring phases.

Geotechnical monitoring services we provide:

• Retaining wall movement
• Pile foundation movement and inclination
• Tunnel monitoring
• Dam monitoring
• Earthwork monitoring
• Embankment and cutting subsidence
• Foundation monitoring
• Pore water pressure