Seasonal Fixing Load Testing

Seasonal fixings load testing
Safety secured. Arrange next day testing and certification.

Seasonal fixing testing we offer:

• Bunting fixing testing
• Christmas lights fixing testing
• Display banner fixing testing
• Hanging basket bracket testing

Why have your seasonal fixings load tested?

The purpose of seasonal fixing testing is to ensure your fixings can safely support your seasonal decorations. Pull out testing is performed before your decorations are installed and provides proof that your fixings are fit for use by simulating the weight of the seasonal decoration plus an additional safety factor.


Why choose Accolade Measurement?

You can be sure that your testing is carried out to the highest quality, as we load test seasonal fixings in accordance with ‘BS8539:2012 Code of practice for the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry’ and ‘CFA guidance note: Procedure for Site Testing Construction Fixings – 2012.’

All our pull load testing is completed by qualified engineers with extensive practical experience. With our engineering knowledge and years of practice in load testing, we can identify problems fast and offer advice on how these can be rectified most efficiently and economically.

With over 20 years engineering experience and our extensive range of bespoke UKAS traceable calibrated load testing equipment Accolade Measurement provide accurate and fast load testing in residential, educational, commercial, retail, arts and sporting premises.

Our UKAS ISO 9001 certification ensures our services consistently meet our customer’s requirements, and that the quality of our work is consistently improving.