Dynamic Monitoring

Dynamic monitoring
Accolade provides dynamic load and displacement monitoring. Typically vibration, load, deflection and strain are measured on large or small scale mechanical or structural components.

In essence, dynamic movement monitoring is used to measure, monitor or predict high frequency movements in structures, mechanisms or components. Dynamic monitoring is used to aid the design process during prototype phase, reduce maintenance costs by optimising performance and reliability, and identify failure conditions or the possible source of failure before damage occurs.

We select the most appropriate instrumentation taking into account the type of monitoring required, onsite restrictions, and that operations may need to continue uninterrupted whilst we complete system installation. Be it an installation consisting of a simple, off the shelf measurement device, or a more complex, automated system including multiple sensor types, we ensure information generated is relevant, reliable and presented at a frequency and in a format that is easy for you to use. On previous projects our ability to mobilise fast and complete installation works as quickly as possible, has ensured disruption to onsite operations and plant shut down times were kept to a minimum.

Movement monitoring we offer:
• Strain
• Vibration and noise
• Acceleration
• Displacement