Vehicle Barrier and Parapet Load Testing

Vehicle Barrier Load Testing
Accolade Measurement quickly and precisely conduct vehicle edge protection and parapet load testing with the use of our specially designed portable load testing rig.

Vehicle barrier load testing we provide

Vehicle barrier load testing we provide include:

• Single & multi storey car park barriers
• Underground car park barriers
• Access ramp edge protection

Why have your edge protection load tested?

Prior to 1972 there was no specific guidance or national standards available to ensure designed edge protection would be of sufficient strength.

The aim of load testing car park edge protection is to reduce the risk of injury to users. Load testing will highlight any potential faults with the edge protection design and installation or confirm the barrier is safe for use. As recommend by The Institution of Civil Engineers ‘The Inspection and Maintenance of Multi-Storey Car Parks, July 2000’ at least one installation compliance test should be carried out on each car park at least every 16 years.

There are 3 types of load test for vehicle barriers

• Pseudo-static load testing
• Anchor pull out load testing
• Dynamic load testing

Pseudo-static load tests are used to verify the installation quality or service deterioration of an in-situ vehicle restraint barrier by simulating a vehicle impact. During a pseudo-static test, the iterative target static force required for a vehicle barrier to withstand is calculated using the combination of the assumed vehicle deformation and measured barrier deformation. Therefore, the stiffer the vehicle restraint system the greater the target force required for it to withstand. Pseudo-static load tests are safer and easier to conduct compared with dynamic load tests.

Anchor pull out tests are used to verify the strength of the in-situ vehicle restraint substrate fixings. This type of testing is used when the installer is confident with the vehicle restraint design. Typically, confidence in the vehicle restraint design is achieved through dynamic load testing.

Dynamic load tests are undertaken to prove the edge protection design is capable of resisting the high dynamic flow stresses. The dynamic test involves swinging a 1500kg mass at the barrier to simulate a vehicle impact. This type of test is typically conducted to verify a vehicle barrier design prior to installation or to verify an unusual or novel on-site edge protection solution.


Why choose Accolade Measurement?

Our specialist vehicle barrier load testing rig allows us to quickly load test any edge protection barrier up to 300kN. With over 20 years engineering experience Accolade Measurement has an outstanding record in providing accurate and fast barrier load testing.

All our vehicle barrier load testing and reporting is conducted in strict accordance with the following appropriate standards / guidance:

• Building Regulations Part K – ‘Protection from falling, collision and impact’
• BS EN 1991-1-1:2002 ‘Actions on structures’
• BS 6180:2011 ‘Barriers in and about buildings’
• Department for Transport ‘Edge protection in Multi-storey Car Parks – Design Specification and Compliance Testing’

Our UKAS ISO 9001 certification ensures our services consistently meet our customer’s requirements, and that the quality of our work is consistently improving.