Case Studies

Hammersmith Flyover Bearing Replacement Monitoring

High frequency monitoring system with over 200 sensors, real-time web portal access to all data, confined space installation, collaborative working with multiple stakeholders and delivered results under time pressure.
Accolade Measurement Ltd undertook safety critical high accuracy monitoring of A4 Hammersmith flyover movement during jacking of piers for bearing replacement.
We developed an innovative high frequency automated monitoring system to measure movement in three axes and display live data to the jacking control room, while simultaneously making all real-time data available via our online portal.
The monitoring system was installed within a confined space with all our project staff confined space trained. The work was completed over a period of approximately 10 months, and during this time we worked closely with the main contactor Costain, and the consultants for the project, Ramboll to ensure the flyover was kept in use while works were ongoing.
An extract of our reference from project director Matthew Collings of Ramboll:
“We were extremely impressed by the technical performance of Accolade and the monitoring system that they developed and installed for the replacement of the bearings on the Hammersmith Flyover where Ramboll were the Designer.
Throughout the process from early discussions through to detailed design and implementation they demonstrated a proactive and open approach and sound technical experience. Accolade worked collaboratively with the project team to develop a monitoring system that met the demanding Project Requirements within complex constraints. This was achieved against very onerous project timescales.
The installed system worked exceptionally well and exceeded our expectations. Following initial testing and review we quickly gained a very high level of confidence in the results that were reported. A particularly high degree of precision was required; the system performed excellently. We had a very high level of confidence in reported values and their repeatability and were routinely working to an accuracy of 0.1mm and on occasions even better.
We enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Accolade and we would definitely recommend them to our clients in the future.”

Offshore Monitoring of FPSO Swivel Drive Plate, Vietnam

Innovative monitoring system consisting of intrinsically safe submersible sensors, fully integrated into onboard control room system. An offshore installation on an oil ship delivered by our BOSIET trained engineers under significant time pressure.

Accolade Measurement Ltd installed an automated, safety critical monitoring system to detect and immediately warn the control room of any excessive movement on the ship’s swivel arm drive plate.

Specially designed, intrinsically safe, IP68 sensors (submersible to 100m) were installed by Accolade, along with intrinsically safe external amplifiers in order to integrate data from our sensors with the pre-existing offshore facilities control systems.

We mobilised to do this work in Vietnam with very short notice, and the installation on site was undertaken under very tight timescales.

Bearing Monitoring, A14 Hill House Viaduct

Long term movement monitoring system with over 100 high accuracy sensors measuring tilt, displacement, strain and temperature. A successful installation delivered despite complexities faced. Project duration and budget were extremely tight. The structure sits in a remote location, on a floodplain, and over live railway track.

Working with Birse and Atkins, Accolade Measurement Ltd installed this monitoring system to help better understand the movement of this structure and its bearings. Installation required us to liaise with the Environment Agency and Network Rail, as the viaduct spans both the River Gipping and the Great Eastern Main Line.

Data from LVDTs, tilt sensors, strain gauges, crack width sensors and temperature gauges was collected and uploaded to a web portal for easy remote access and analysis. Automated alerts were set to provide immediate notification of structural movements outside of acceptable limits.

New Housing Development Fixing Load Testing, London

Working under a framework agreement we provide fixed price testing of fixings for MPrice Ltd at their sites across London. Testing and reporting is in accordance with BS8539:2012 and CFA guidelines.

We worked closely with MPrice to develop an easy to use process for repeat work ordering and delivery. A fixed price service was agreed for testing at all MPrice sites within the M25 Greater London area.

Upon receipt of an emailed instruction we confirm attendance on site, conduct testing as requested, report back with test results and invoice work; all within a day or 2 of receiving client instructions. We also hold an archive of all MPrice test results allowing our client’s project managers access to historical test data for any one of their projects.

We undertake fixing testing for 100s of clients annually; often on a next day basis so our clients can safely proceed with on-site construction works confident in the knowledge that their fixings are correctly installed and will perform safely in accordance with their requirements.

Roof Monitoring During Refurbishment Works, Paddington Station London

Automated safety critical global movement monitoring of a historic structure with the use of over 300 vibrating wire strain gauges (VWSG).

Accolade Measurement Ltd installed over 300 vibrating VWSGs on the supporting columns of Paddington Station, London. The monitoring system design and installation was carefully planned to ensure all works adhered to guidelines relevant to this historic structure.

The movement of the entire roof of the structure was monitored during refurbishment works. Monitoring data was made available online, and a red amber green alert system was set up to ensure any movement of the structure remained within acceptable limits.

Prototype Marine Lifting Component Load Testing, France

Large scale, submersible, prototype marine component load tested to over 700 tonnes. Our team worked with Irish and French engineers to successfully deliver this project. Our dedicated team relocated to Northern France for the project duration.

Working with multiple stakeholders Accolade Measurement Ltd developed and constructed a bespoke, large capacity test rig to apply a 700-tonne tensile load to prototype marine components. It was important to monitor the components’ behaviour while under load. High precision spot weldable strain gauges were used with a specialist data logger to enable high frequency strain and temperature measurement.

Dock Leveller Load Testing

Designed and constructed a large load test rig to enable testing and certification of a range of dock levellers, all in accordance with BS EN 1398:2009.

Accolade Measurement Ltd were instructed to load test a range of dock levellers (hinged & telescopic lip; 6,000kg to 10,000kg capacity), in accordance with BS EN 1398. We designed and constructed a bespoke test rig for this purpose. Test loads were applied incrementally and deformations monitored.

Findings from this testing enabled us to contribute to discussions had by ALEM (The Association of Loading and Elevating Equipment Manufacturers) regarding potential improvements to the British Standard.

Floor Load Testing, Car Manufacturing Plant

Car park floor load test using bespoke water containers for load application. Load applied over a large floor area, loading sections of the concrete floor sequentially, to better understand the behaviour of the whole structure under load.

This testing was conducted to better understand the load bearing capability of one of the carparks at our client’s manufacturing plant. The client did not have any drawings or design calculations for the structure. Accolade Measurement Ltd developed bespoke water containers to apply a 300-tonne static load over a 375m² area of first floor concrete floor slab.

The load was applied incrementally, and deflection and changes in crack widths were measured remotely, using LVDTs and strain gauges. Work was scheduled over 24hr shifts to compress the project duration and minimise disruption to activities on this client’s site.

Barrier Load Testing, Tottenham Hotspur White Hart Lane

Load testing of temporary crowd control barriers at Tottenham Hotspur F.C. during construction of their new stadium. All work in accordance with the Home Office’s Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds.

Accolade Measurement Ltd provide a complete barrier safety service for sports ground owners. We conduct barrier assessment, strengthening, replacement and testing all in house and all in accordance with the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds; the Green Guide.

We have developed a range of test apparatus to hydraulically load barriers of all shapes and sizes. At Tottenham Hotspur, we load tested the temporary barriers installed during construction work on site. This enabled the ground to keep much of the seats in the affected areas in full use.

We are keen to share our knowledge in barrier testing with others so please get in touch with any questions you have. We have had some discussions with The Sports Ground Safety Advisory Group and will be contributing to improvements in the latest version of the Green Guide.